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Things I Love: A Delicious Descent Into Drunken Delirium at Drink

Remember those "Choose Your Own Adventure" books where you had to weave your way through chapters trying not to get killed by a mummy or whatever? Well, Drink in Boston is basically the cocktail version of that, if you can imagine such a delightful scenario. But much better, because the worst that can happen is you can bruise your bank account and/or blackout. I'll take those odds!

Nestled in Boston's precious Seaport District, Drink is a subterranean bar that raises the mixology experience to an exciting new level. It does so by removing menus from the equation and encouraging interactivity between bartender and customer. Typically packed with dignified patrons and humming with controlled clamor, Drink actually feels like an expanse of three bars, outfitted with a trifecta of intimate drinking nooks presided over by a team of frenetic bartenders. Whether you're counter-side at one of said bars or standing along the exterior, a staffer will pick you out of the crowd and approach you to ask about your drink preferences via a series of questions. "How are you feeling tonight?" "What are you in the mood for?" "Dry or sweet?" "How do you feel about whole eggs?" "What are your thoughts on Quentin Tarantino?" "Have you ever killed anyone?" Yada yada yada. The standard blitz of queries to gauge your taste preferences and mood.

No matter what your answers, rest assured your beverage is in capable hands. As you fire back responses, they jot down notes to essentially concoct cocktails on the spot, upping the ante on the whole "dealer's choice" concept. At the start of my night, I was in the mood for something smoky, mezcal-y, and on the sweeter side, resulting in Drink's version of a Naked & Famous cocktail with aperol, Chartreuse, and lime. As the evening progressed, we sipped our way through Fernet cocktails, tequila, whiskey, and gin, each one vibrant, balanced, and deeply delicious. My brother even had his first whole-egg cocktail, which was hilarious to witness since he thought the bartender was literally going to serve him a whole egg along with his drink. Or just an egg by itself, no drink.

Drink affords a unique, engaging opportunity to get up close and personal to the world of craft mixology. It breaks down the barrier between customer and bartender in a whole new way, tailoring each and every cocktail with impressive dexterity, and utterly removing any pretense. No matter what your mood or your preference, Drink is a winning adventure.

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